Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tolucco Fort(Ternate Island)

Tolire Lake(Ternate Island)

Togutil Tribe (Halmahera)

Togutil House (Halmahera)

Ternate City

Ternate Island

Sunset in Taliabu

Sunset at Kastela Beach

Sunrise in South Halmahera

Sultan Palace

Sulamadaha Beach

Standar Wings of Paradise (semioptera walacee)

Rainbow on the top of Tidore Mountain

Mangrove Forest

Beautiful Landscape of Laguna Lake

Kastela Beach

Kalamata Fort

Fishing In Jara-jara

Paradise Island

Crown of Sultan Ternate

Archie Hotel Ternate

Archie2 Ternate

Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi, please let me introduce myself to you. My name is Ilham Hiabdullah and I am a 28 years old travel guide based in North Maluku and Maluku. My specialty as a guide is individual tours or small groups for people who want to explore the beautiful wild nature of my country. In my tour we can explore the under water life, flora and fauna of the jungle and maybe visit some primitive tribes who live hidden from society in the bush.

I try to combine some special interest in one package that will invite your interest to come and explore what I offer to you.

Nature, under water life and flora, fauna endemic and primitive life will colored during your trip with ilhamtravelguide

Ternate is a new province in East Indonesia, this territory formerly under Maluku province. Ternate is a province that has a lot of small virgin, uninhibited islands. Apart from the old history of this Sultanate, Ternate is famous for its impressive and overwhelming nature, characterized by massive volcano mountains, and the jungle of the rainforest. For visitors who love snorkling and diving, the exotic under water life offers unique chances to see spectacular sights. And best of all, this whole area is still quiet and not dominated by mass tourism.

If you wish to visit primitive tribes, we can make a trip through the jungle and find them. The primitive people still live like nomads, moving from one place to another, to find the best life according to their ancestors experiences.

Jara-Jara is the village that I have explored already and I found a primitive tribe, the Togutil. They dominate the forest and jungle around Jara-Jara. Like the Togutil tribe who live in Subaem district, they are naked and live together in small groups, each group consisting of 2 to 4 families.

How many times have you wished that you had the chance to visit a new dive destination before the rest of the world "discovered" it? Gura Ici is such a place, and I want to share it with you. The Island of Gura Ici is located off the East coast of the Indonesian portion of North Maluku. The Gura Ici Lodge resort is uncrowded, the diving is spectacular, and there is exotic marine life all over. You'll see Cuttlefish, Blue Ribbon Eels, Frogfish, Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks, HUNDREDS of species of hard and soft corals, schools of brightly colored Fusaliersof colorful reef fishes.

Lets get Contac for confirm : soplo_1984@yahoo.com