Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tolucco Fort(Ternate Island)

Tolire Lake(Ternate Island)

Togutil Tribe (Halmahera)

Togutil House (Halmahera)

Ternate City

Ternate Island

Sunset in Taliabu

Sunset at Kastela Beach

Sunrise in South Halmahera

Sultan Palace

Sulamadaha Beach

Standar Wings of Paradise (semioptera walacee)

Rainbow on the top of Tidore Mountain

Mangrove Forest

Beautiful Landscape of Laguna Lake

Kastela Beach

Kalamata Fort

Fishing In Jara-jara

Paradise Island

Crown of Sultan Ternate

Archie Hotel Ternate

Archie2 Ternate

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  1. Hi, Ilham - I'm planning a trip to Ternate later this year. How was the Archie Hotel? Do you recommend it?